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PT helps you recover faster! We have special expertise in myofascial release, manual therapy, craniosacral therapy, women's health including pelvic floor, visceral manipulation, and customized exercise programs!

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Patient Testimonials
  • Teresa Starr .
    3 months ago
    Hi May! Just wanted to thank you again for seeing me while I was in DC visiting my new granddaughter! All the walking and stairs in their apartment really accelerated my rehab. And of course, the work that you did!Yesterday, I got to 120 knee flexion in PT, after having a total knee replacement a few months ago- without pain!! In Florida, I found a great person near me. He was 40 minutes away and like you, was worth the drive! Thanks again!
  • Kaitlyn S.
    1 year ago
    She did an amazing job! She worked magic on my back; I didn't know it was possible to get that much improvement for back pain after just one session. She was very knowledgeable, and immediately identified the underlying issues. It was also great that she specialises in PT for dancers, as she knew exactly where I was coming from and could give very relevant advice. Highly recommended!
  • KatieQ F.
    1 year ago
    Such a great experience! I have seen May Kesler over six times in the last few months and it has been totally worth it. I can come in with a new/acute problem or I've come in with long term pain I've been dealing with. She is able to use MFR and PT and her extensive knowledge to ease the pain and in some cases, completely get rid of it! . Not only does May practice physical healing in person, but she passes along verbal and physical tools for continued healing at home as needed. I would recommend May Kesler to anyone who is looking for short OR long term relief and healing!
  • Amy B.
    1 year ago
    I have seen May and her assistant several times for neck and shoulder pain. The massages helped me generally although I think I benefited as much from the great tips and exercises I received to help manage pain and stress.
  • Jan D.
    1 year ago
    May’s physical therapy made my hands feel better so I could play the piano without pain.
  • Regine M.
    1 year ago
    May is very knowledgeable and knows the body very well, this is all demonstrated in her massage. If you are looking for someone to find the deeper level and cause of your pain , May will find it and also guide you on how maintaining the therapy at home .
  • Yulia B.
    1 year ago
    May is very knowledgeable and was able to assist me with my issue.
  • Jonah W.
    1 year ago
    very outgoing and really wants to help!
  • Diana O.
    2 years ago
    May Kesler is a miracle worker! I've suffered from a chronic pain condition for close to 30 years and she is the first Physical Therapist who has truly understood my condition and known how to treat it. Her knowledge of myofascial release is astounding. So grateful I found her practice!
  • Danielle .
    3 years ago
    I started PT and massage therapy two weeks ago and I'm already feeling so much better. Thank you. I have the best care and treatment from May Kesler!
  • Debra G.
    4 years ago
    I recommend May Kesler, who lives in Chevy Chase and treats patients in her home. You get her full, undivided attention, free parking, and excellent care. I first saw her a couple years ago for whiplash after being rear-ended. Then I went back to her a few weeks ago for some tendinitis and bursitis. Last week, I had a breakthrough in treatment and my shoulder is feeling much better. May is not only a licensed physical therapist, but also a licensed massage therapist. She uses a variety of techniques to work on you, including cold laser therapy, which is great for inflammation.
  • K S.
    5 years ago
    Whatever you did made my back feel so much better. Thank you
  • Andrea S.
    5 years ago
    I just wanted to thank you for our session yesterday. For the first time in weeks, I did not wake up during the night with shoulder pain. And so far today, no pain. I'm keeping your instructions in mind with respect to body mechanics. Looking forward to our next session.

Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy

In pain? Injured again? Physical and Massage Therapy can help!

If you are in pain or have sustained injuries or suffer from recurring injuries, Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy in Chevy Chase, MD can help. We offer a personalized drug-free, hands-on approach to pain relief.

Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy offers a unique blend of physical therapy and advanced manual techniques to residents of the Washington, DC Metro area and Chevy Chase and Bethesda, Silver Spring, Potomac Maryland, Rockville and Montgomery County, Maryland as well as Arlington County, Virginia.

We specialize in easing musculoskeletal pain. We also offer services in orthopedics, rehabilitation, and neuruology for adults and pediatrics, women’s health pre and post-partum, pain management, and sports and dance medicine.

We measure our success by the impact we are able to have on leading people to active, healthier and more aware lifestyles. We are gratified by the number of patients who return some years later to tell us they entered physical therapy as a career after being inspired by what we do.

Our greatest recommendation is that a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals from them and local physicians.

Owner May Kesler, an experienced physical therapist, massage therapist, and dancer, works with great compassion and sensitivity, coupling her physical therapy and massage therapy skills for impressive results.

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