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Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy has a history in Chevy Chase, MD

Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy in Chevy Chase, MD has a 40-year history in helping people reduce pain and restore function. We specialize in easing musculoskeletal pain.

We also offer services in orthopedics for adults and pediatrics, women’s health, pain management and sports and dance medicine.

What makes May unique is that she has been a dancer for more than 50 years and dancers by their nature, need a lot of physical therapy.

“Because of all the work I do as a dancer, it gives me an intuitive sensibility of how the body works and fits together,” she explains. “I look at the body as a whole. All the parts are connected. I look at the patient’s pain or injury and I always relate to their posture, the way they move, the way they hold their head and neck, the way they hold their back, and the way they are seated. I know their issue could be related to organ problems. I conduct a full musculoskeletal evaluation of how their body works.

“I see this as a sort of three-dimensional spider web. When one thread is pulled, it alters the whole spider web. I have to figure out where the twists in the spider web are and unwind it to help restore balance to the body.”

Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy is committed to providing exemplary care and physical therapy to the residents of the Washington, DC Metro area and Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Rockville and Montgomery County, Maryland as well as Arlington County, Virginia.

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