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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is designed to enhance the normal mobility and motion in the body’s organs.

As a patient begins to recover from injuries in a trauma, hyper-tonicity, displacement and adhesions can all cause the body’s organs to work against each other, creating chronic irritation and abnormal tension areas.

When the abdominal cavity is impacted, such as when ligaments shift out of place, the body’s organs cannot move freely and easily and they are thus unable to work efficiently and to capacity.

The physical therapy known as visceral manipulation works by locating the misplaced ligaments and encouraging the body to improve its natural functioning of its organs by easing stress within the body.

The therapy involves having the practitioner gently massage the body’s deep tissues, encouraging the body’s visceral system (intestines, liver, kidneys, heart etc.) to release tension and stress. As a result, the organs will glide freely and with less tension so the body can begin again to work as a whole, functioning more efficiently.

At Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy, it is used particularly for digestive disorders, women’s health, and women’s health issues.

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