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May was the first body worker I ever worked with and she changed my life forever. I often think about how glad I was that I found your card at a dance studio in Maryland. Floor Barre was a huge tool for me throughout my dance studies in college.

Elizabeth Smith


Dancer benefitted from therapy

May was gentle, knowledgeable and specific with my needs and trouble spots.

She helped me identify the base of the pain that has been chronic and widespread for months, and gave me suggestions for home remedies and care to work on it myself between sessions, which is really important to me.

I'm a professional dancer and having work done by someone who is experienced with movement was wonderful. May also pointed out some misalignment habits I've had for a long time that, now that she's addressed them, have helped both my pain and my technique.

I definitely recommend her services.

Alison Waldman


Still able to do a two-step - keep

Dear May,

When I fell off my bicycle and broke an ankle I figured by days of doing a two-step with my husband were over. For years going dancing with a local group of ballroom dancers was our favorite date, and I couldn’t bear to think it was over.

With your help and resourcefulness, not only did my ankle heal but unbelievable, I am back on the dance floor.

Your deep understanding of how the body works, the great exercises you recommended, and your expert treatments did the trick.

I am so happy I just had to write and tell you that you have made all the difference in my life!


Edna Stewart

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