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Cold Laser and Super Pulse Laser

The official name for “cold laser” is Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) but it also sometimes called soft laser, laser acupuncture and therapeutic laser.

It works by directing low levels of laser light at the painful area. The heat improves the blood flow to the cells and tissues in that area. The pain relief is then experienced as the inflammation and swelling are reduced. The laser light also speeds the tissue repair process.

At Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy, we use the TerraQuant® Quantum Low Level Laser featuring Multi Radiance Technology. The TerraQuant System has added features for clinical use and is an Insurance Reimbursable Laser System!

TerraQuant® is the only noninvasive medical device available today in the world that provides a unique combination of super pulsed laser and infrared, visible red light and magnetic field based on Low Level Laser Quantum Therapy.

TerraQuant® provides preset treatment protocols as well as custom treatment mode. Quantum Therapy is a rapidly advancing new medical technology providing a low-intensity, noninvasive, ecologically safe treatment that combines the impact of diverse close-to-natural electromagnetic radiation on living organisms in order to transform live cells from an unstable state of illness into a stable healthy state.

For more information on the TerraQuant Super-Pulsed Laser, go to their website at: http://terraquantlasers.com/

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