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Dance has been used for thousands of years for a wide verity of purposes including self expression, spirituality and health. Now you and four friends can get private dance lessons and workshops to better yourself through dance!

May Kesler has been dancing her whole life, studying ballet and modern dance in New York and Washington DC areas with an MA in Dance from American University. She has training in Alexander, Feldenkrais techniques and has experience as a Floor Barre teacher. Below are just a few recent conferences and workshops she has been involved in.

Tarot in Motion - a somatic method for healing with choreography

At the Bill Evans Somatic Conference, May and Miriam Jacobs spoke on Tarot In Motion using Mirriams Somatic tarot deck to create individual dances.

Take your dance desires to a new healing capacity level. Tarot in Motion provides mythical breakthroughs by pulling in the energy of the archetype. Tarot in Motion expands your mind into your body to create significant personal shifts and in your dance sphere. 

Miriam Jacobs and May Kesler introduce you to the Tarot in Motion system.

Tarot is no longer just for telling the future. It has evolved into a powerful informational tool to reveal the unknown and point us in the right direction. Tarot being based on archetypal is correlated to universal elements, astrology, chakras and now body anatomy and movement.

You will be shown how this can uniquely be translated into a structure for movement pieces. Relating symbols from Miriam’s somatic Polarity Wellness Tarot deck are translated to a structure for creating movement pieces that will literally help you move through the insights of cards chosen, therefore expediting healing.

You will have the opportunity to collectively get a one card reading and translate it into a short solo dance to be witnessed by others.

Four Quarters Interfaith Sancutary

May also co-leads Tarot in Motion workshops, using originally designed body oriented Tarot cards with Miriam Jacobs, MTh, who will be assisting her here at Four Quarters.

Her recent dance film 'Into Blackness' filmed at Blackness castle in Scotland will be featured in WomenCinemakers.

May is doing research in using dance to teach concepts of fascia and biotensegrity for both healing and education. She will be teaching more about on that subject at Harvard Medical School's Movementis Conference this summer.

May is happy to share with you here at Four Quarters!

Class description

We will start with a warm up, unwinding our fascial webs with yoga and mindful improvisation movement. Depending on participants we may access methods from modern dance, improvisation, or Feldenkrais ideas. Then we will create our own dances using concepts from fascia and Biotensegrity. We may use drawing, writing, Tarot cards, or sharing our stories to create dances that access your unique healing movement.

May will coach each participant to find new movement that echoes your body's spirit.

Future Event

Dance Metro DC

Workshop in Dance Injury Prevention and Treatment and Using Dance and Choreography Devices to Enhance Learning of Fascia and Biotensegrity Motion.

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