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Your First Visit

When you arrive at Kesler Physical & Massage Therapy for your first physical therapy in Bethesda, you will be asked to fill out information forms including your medical history.

May Kesler will meet with you one-on-one and talk with you about your concerns.

A physical evaluation follows during which time your posture, alignment, strength, range of motion, agility, flexibility and overall movement patterns are all examined and assessed.

Usually patients then lie down on a massage table and May evaluates and starts treating areas of myofascial dysfunction, pain, trigger points, alignment and other issues discovered in the taking of your history.

Exercises are often given based on pain level, injury and ability. These are always meticulously detailed to your areas of concern. Often they will include ways to relearn movement, not just stretch or strengthen areas that are apparently weak or tight.

Understanding what happened and how to change it helps you keep out of pain and move into a healthy, active lifestyle.

Want Some Help?

Now offering Fascia Fitness and Flexibility class. Available custom designed for your group- in person or virtual. Call 301-602-3551