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Patient Testimonials
  • Debra G.
    1 week ago
    I recommend May Kesler, who lives in Chevy Chase and treats patients in her home. You get her full, undivided attention, free parking, and excellent care. I first saw her a couple years ago for whiplash after being rear-ended. Then I went back to her a few weeks ago for some tendinitis and bursitis. Last week, I had a breakthrough in treatment and my shoulder is feeling much better. May is not only a licensed physical therapist, but also a licensed massage therapist. She uses a variety of techniques to work on you, including cold laser therapy, which is great for inflammation.
  • Andrea S.
    6 months ago
    I just wanted to thank you for our session yesterday. For the first time in weeks, I did not wake up during the night with shoulder pain. And so far today, no pain. I'm keeping your instructions in mind with respect to body mechanics. Looking forward to our next session.
  • K S.
    5 months ago
    Whatever you did made my back feel so much better. Thank you